+ What is The Health Clinic?

Fred Hutch and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) care about the health and well-being of their employees. Each employee understands the importance of accessible healthcare and Fred Hutch and SCCA want to ensure that their employees have access to care without any potential cost or transportation barriers. The Health Clinic is an innovative on-site medical facility for employees, operated by Premise Health that is located on the Fred Hutch campus in the Arnold Building, on level E. The Health Clinic provides a wide array of high quality primary care and preventive services and physical therapy at no cost.

+ What types of healthcare services does The Health Clinic offer?

Please visit the Services page for more detailed information. These services are free to all Fred Hutch and SCCA employees that are enrolled in a sponsored medical plan.

+ Who is eligible to use The Health Clinic?

Employees who are enrolled in a Fred Hutch or SCCA sponsored medical plan are eligible to receive services free of charge. Please note that spouses/dependents are not eligible to use The Health Clinic services at this time.

+ What type of medical staff works at The Health Clinic?

The Health Clinic staff is employed by Premise Health and includes a physician, nurse, physical therapists and medical assistants. The Health Clinic providers are credentialed based on the standards in their fields of practice and have the experience needed for all services provided on-site. The Health Clinic staff has no direct employment or association with Fred Hutch or SCCA.

Please visit the Providers page for more detailed information.

+ Is The Health Clinic operated by Fred Hutch or SCCA employees?

No, The Health Clinic is operated by Premise Health, the nation’s leading manager of on‑site health clinics. Premise Health manages, carefully screens and staffs The Health Clinic with qualified, evidence-based providers to deliver exceptional care.

+ What are the costs to use The Health Clinic?

These services are free to all Fred Hutch and SCCA employees that are enrolled in a sponsored medical plan.

+ What are the hours of operation of The Health Clinic?

The Health Clinic operates Monday through Friday 7 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Please visit the Contact page for more detailed information.

+ How do I make an appointment at The Health Clinic?

The Health Clinic has implemented Epic as the electronic medical record (EMR) system and launched a My Premise Health to schedule appointments online. Visit www.mypremisehealth.com for real-time scheduling today.

+ When can’t I be seen at The Health Clinic?

The Health Clinic can’t see employees for MOTOR VEHICLE OR WORKER’S COMPENSATION VISITS. If you think you might have a fracture or have the need for x-rays, you will need to be seen at your community provider.

+ When do I use the Occupational Health Clinic (Yale Building) on campus versus The Health Clinic?

If you have an injury that is work related (needle stick, fall etc) then you need to go to the Occupational Health Clinic. If you have a personal health concern, please see the providers at The Health Clinic.

+ What is My Premise Health?

My Premise Health connects you with your healthcare experience by providing convenient access to your providers, health records, visit history, test results, and more. It is a secure online and mobile tool that puts your health information in your hands.

With My Premise Health you can:
• View your health record
• Book and manage appointments
• Message your providers and care team
• Review lab results
• Request medication refills
• Conduct virtual eVisits
• Complete forms and eCheck-In
• View your immunization history and health reminders

Please note: To use the mobile app and access your health information, you must first create an account through The Health Clinic or have an active online desktop My Premise Health account. Don’t have one yet? Sign up at www.mypremisehealth.com and click “sign up now” then “sign up online”.

+ Does The Health Clinic accept same-day appointments for urgent concerns?

It is preferable to schedule an appointment, but if you have an urgent issue please call 206.667.3000 and we will try to determine the best time for you to come in.

+ Do I have to use The Health Clinic?

No, receiving care at The Health Clinic is completely voluntary. The choice is yours. You can continue to receive care in the community if you desire but The Health Clinic will be on‑site as an option for your convenience. If you choose to receive primary care services at The Health Clinic but need a referral to a specialist, the on‑site team will help connect you to the appropriate specialist for your health plan.

+ How will my current medical provider know I am receiving care at The Health Clinic?

After you have been seen at The Health Clinic, you may request any records to be sent to your community provider. If your community provider uses Epic as their EMR, your records will be available via Epic’s Care Everywhere and vice versa.

+ Is my health data be secure? Does anyone at Fred Hutch or SCCA have access to my personal health information?

Your personal health information is confidential and your data is kept secure. The Health Clinic operates in accordance with HIPAA and works diligently to protect all health records. Premise Health can’t share any personal health information without your permission. Rest assured, your personal health information is not shared with your employer. Additionally, Premise Health operates through a private network and software systems that cannot be accessed by employees. Notice of privacy practices are available for review within The Health Clinic.

+ Can I get prescriptions filled at The Health Clinic?

No, The Health Clinic does not have a full-service pharmacy. It carries a variety of medications on-site for treatment of acute illness such as sinus infection, strep throat, etc. The staff is able to prescribe medications and send the prescriptions to your regular pharmacy for pickup at your convenience.